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Economy Electric Pallet Truck

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Economy Electric Pallet Truck

1. The pallet truck delivers compact design and ease of use
2. Equipped with high-performance battery and built-in charger
3. Battery box and truck body can be separated, convenient to maintain
4. The economy electric pallet truck is used in the working sites which require less working intensity.

Technical Specifications for Economy Electric Pallet Truck

Model No. TP13
Rated Capacity Kg 1360
Load Center 600
Max. Fork Height mm 200
Fork size 1150/1220
Fork width 550/630
Min. Turning Radius mm 1250
Driving Motor Kw 0.70
Max. Drive Speed Km/h 4.5/6.0
Battery Ah 2x12V/70
Charger Ah 15
Overall Width 450
Overall Height 680
Overall Net Weight Kg 280
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