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Electric Stacker (WL 1T)

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Electric Stacker (WL 1T)

Electric stacker of this series is lower in price without compromising in product performance. Using American maintenance-free battery avoids problem like reduced service life of battery (resulting from poor maintenance). This compact stacker is extensively used in the working site with small height and low height.

1. Taiwan Winner hydraulic pump station
2. Metalrota driving system
3. American Curtis electric control system
4. Maintenance-free battery with intelligent charger
5. German Rema operating handle
6. American Colson training wheel
7. German Krupp forklift mast

Technical Specifications for Electric Stacker

Model No. WL1 WL2 WL3
Rated Capacity kg 1000
Load Center mm 400
Max. Fork Height 2500 3000 3500
Max. Machine Height 3055 3555 3980
Fork Size 1150×160
Fork Width 570
Min. Turning Radius 1620
Max. Speed Without Load km/h 4.5-6
Max. Speed With Load 4-5
Max. Travel Grade % 8-10
Driving Motor v/kw 24/1.2
Lifting Motor 24/2-3
Battery v/Ah 4×12/95
Charger v/A 24/20
Overall Length mm 1952
Overall Width 856
Overall Height 1825 2075 2275
Overall Net Weight kg 600 610 620
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